Practice Makes Perfect

I made an offer to my co-workers: if you pay for my supplies, I'll paint your kid's rooms for free. A reasonable offer and we both win because I get to practice painting on actual walls and they get a custom mural for next to nothing.

The second person to take me up on this offer has 3 children: twin 3-year-olds, Jenna and Kyle and a 5-year-old girl, Brooke. Their Mom decided to let each child decide what would be painted on their wall. It was fun working with them to come up with designs. In the end...

Brooke wanted a garden:
Jenna chose a Safari:

And Kyle wanted a football stadium:

I painted those 3 murals in one day. The thing about painting 3 murals in one day, I found out, is that you shouldn't do it. Especially if you have to navigate painting the rooms between 3 children that all want to help, outfit changes (Jenna's a superstar), bed-times and my own decreasing stamina. I considered finishing the last mural of the day the following week but really didn't want Kyle to feel left out since both of his sisters had already had their room's painted that day. Can you imagine how long a week is to a 3-year-old? Yikes!

All-in-all a great experience. The entire family was awesome to work with and I had a great time customizing their rooms and playing on the slip-n-slide at lunch!!