A Ballpark for Baby Girl X

I got my second Fenway request a couple weeks ago. This time though, it's for a little girl's nursery. Awwww. I LOVE it when people can, pardon the expression, think out of the box! Not that I have anything against pastel pinks and fluffy bunnies, I'm actually quite partial to both, but there's something truly unique about painting the Green Monster on a baby girl's wall. Something that makes me want to burn my bra and get my commercial driver's license! Or at least it makes me proud to be a girl...I think I'll keep my bra.

This Fenway, like it's predecessor, is chock full of personalized bits and pieces that make it a true original.

Here are some of the bits:
Charlie Brown in the bleachers;
The family name slapped right on the Monster;
Snoopy, Bob Dylan, a wolf & Kermit on the Jumbotron (which has been left blank until Baby Girl Rubin arrives, until then, her true identity will remain a mystery).

And here are some of the pieces:
Love replaces Gulf on a well known ad;
Some fans show their love for their favorite player...awww;
and this being New England after all how could we not include Dunky's, I mean really.
I had such a wonderful time painting this mural! The Rubin's were as nice as could be and made me feel more like a celebrity than hired help. Such a great couple to work with; they are going to make wonderful parents to Baby Girl Rubin! I just hope she likes baseball.

Here's Robyn & I messing around on day 2. See the rest of the pictures here.
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