Mark & Steph's Ark (feat. Noah)

Finally!  Finally someone asked me to paint them an ark.  I tell you, it is about d*mn time!  All I do is sit and draw smiley faced animals all day long (and work Rochelle, I swear!) and wait for someone to see them all and say, "you know what would be a good project for you..."  And finally someone did!!  Grandma-to-be Sheila hired me to paint this ark in her son & daughter-in-law's nursery in New Hampshire for Baby Sam who's due later this winter.   I started with the sketch:
And after a quick peak at that Gramma decided we'd add an elephant, some ducks, a couple of dolphins and some lobsters for good luck!  Here it is before the giraffes poked their heads through:  
And after seen here with Steph (and technically Baby Sam):
Here are some close-ups of my favorite characters:

**progress pictures here: **