Green Monstah, kehd!

How's this for incredible? One weekend 8-year-old Andrew's parents took him to Florida from his native New Hampshire to go to Disney World. Amazing, right? But that's not the story I'm telling. The story I'm telling is that while he was away his parents hired me to paint Fenway's famous Green Monster (pronounced "Monstah") on their Red-Sox-loving son's wall.
If you're from around here then I don't have to tell you how important Boston sports teams are to New Englanders- and that is never more true than with the World Champion Boston Red Sox. You can hate the city, you can hate the weather, you can even hate the people but just about everyone draws the line at hating the Red Sox. It's just not done.
That being said, Andrew is in for a suprise of a lifetime! Over the course of a weekend my faithful assistant Liz, seen here "helping":

and I transformed Andrew's boring blue room into a night game at Fenway. Complete with stadium lighting & a few of his favorite things on the megatron: McDonald's, Bubble Yum and Gatorade.
Here's the finished product:

Jeremy helped out a little too:

On the adjacent wall I painted his closet door to look like a locker, complete with lock and Andrew's very own Red Sox jersey with his number on it!

Andrew was SO suprised! Here he is adding the final touch, a baseball themed light switch cover made by Liz:

progress pictures here