My first commercial mural

So, this is pretty exciting: I was hired by a local record store to paint their new logo on the wall of their flagship store in Boston. The company is called (or and their brick-and-mortor location is on the corner of Mass. Ave. & Huntington Ave.

Go check 'em out, they have a warehouse full of stuff you need- records, cd's, a huge clothing selection, awesome toys from company's like kidrobot, Fifty 24SF & Bigshot Toyworks, graffitti supplies, and a slew of other stuff you didn't know you needed.

But I digress...

Here are some progress shots as well as a picture of their new sticker/logo:

If you can't get over there to check it out in person you can check out the rest of the pictures here. The guys are all really nice. Be sure to tell 'em Mandee sent you!