Compliment Bank

It occured to me recently that whenever I'm talking to one of my girl friends I hear the phrase, 'I know, right?!?' constantly. Like all the time and I realized that more than just a way to show you agree with someone, it's a phrase that only people that totally get what you mean say and I love it and wanted to use it in some way. Around the same time it also occured to me that I need to start making Christmas presents like a week ago and....EUREKA!!

Originally the idea was to paint each of my wonderful lady friends their own personalized 'I know, right?!?' painting but as I started painting quickly realized that there are so many other things that needed to be included!

Like, how could I leave out dang? I can't, that's how.

And without exception, my lady friends are all hilarious so this one was a no-brainer.

So now it's more of a collection of nice (&/or silly) things to say to people. Be it your BFF since grade school or that chick at work who you kind of know but not that well and you think you could totally be besties- who doesn't want to hear that they're liked or smell good or that their bum looks nice? I'm mean really? Who? No one I can think of.

So buy a painting and spread some love. And if there's something ridiculous you'd like written in a bubble, contact me and let me know. And did I mention you look great today? Cause you do.