Avatar Mural for Amir

Jeanette, my hilariously fast-talking co-worker, has been telling me we're going to paint her son's room for about 3 years now.  There was never a theme, just the warning that someday, he's going to need a mural.  Well, in true fast-talking, fast-moving, let's-get-it-done-yesterday Jeanette fashion, she told me the idea on Tuesday and then quickly followed up with, "so, can we do this on Thursday?" 

No problem, except that "this" happens to be an Avatar mural and it's going to be quite a challenge because as a rule, I wouldn't be able to draw a person if my very life depended on it.  But, which is so often the case, I answered, "of course, let's do it!"  I'm glad I did too because I think it came out awesome...

Oh, did I mention this is a surprise for 5-year-old Amir?!  He's going to FREAK!!!