Best Feedback Ever!

Oh my goodness, I got the best feedback ever on Etsy yesterday!!!

Wow!!!  Thanks housemusik!  Incredible.  Ha ha.

housemusik says:
The moment I received this epic painting, the world as I knew it ended, and a new phase began. This spectacular painting shall adorn my wall with pride, glory to all, hail the mighty psychedelic hot dog! Not only are the colors rich, but the hot dog depicted looks incredibly delicious! To eat this masterpiece would be a crime, for it is held high in my heart. Celebrate, tube meat lovers, Huzzah to you all, as I now have a pedestal in which to worship my weiner. This painting brings spectacular joy to my life, much like it did to those who followed Psychedelic Hot Dog as he crossed the Atlantic to discover America, as Psychedelic Hot Dog led slaves to freedom through the underground railroad, as well as Psychedelic Hot Dog's many recent dalliances with Tila Tequila. Bravo, Mandee Rae, for capturing the sight, smell and taste of Psychedelic Hot Dog with the vision, clarity and grandeur only a true artist could achieve. You have made my world a better place.