Peach at the Beach!

Another custom painting for a very energetic, easy-excitable, super creative customer, which happens to be my favorite kind!

This young lady wanted a peach sunbathing on a beach...under an New England...with a banner that said so...and a sand dollar that says 'Jean' in one corner...and a star fish  that says 'Garvstar' in the other.  I like a woman who knows what she wants...and here it is!
  Painted around the edges for frame-less hanging:

One of my long standing favorite things has always been sexy fruit (what? that's totally normal) so I was super excited to have been asked to make this painting and am now way too excited to get started on other sexy fruit!  Like Sexy Kiwi, Sexy Strawberries, Sexy Watermelons!!  I can't wait!