Crazy Cat Lady

I don't know how it happened but somewhere along the way I went from a very strict dogs-only, no cats allowed!, dog-person to a total cat/dog-person hybrid!! 
It was my fiance's super awesome tabby cat, Remus, (seen above) that did it to me.  I was totally afraid of cats and thought they were weird and tempermental when I met Remus and then his silly little head butts and loving leg rubs totally won me over!  He even helped me overcome my allergy to cats! 
Now, I not only love cats and chase my own around taking their picture all the time but I have taken up painting them too!  Cats can be just as expressive as dogs and are pretty hilarious, believe it or not.  

Above is Charlie who looooves his housemate Jasper so so much. 
Jasper does not, however, share Charlie's enthusiasm.

More cat paintings for sale in my Etsy shop
Or contact me to have your own kitty (or dog!) painted!! 
Makes a wonderful Christmas present!