I'm huge in Japan.

Ok, so maybe I'm not huge per se but I do have at least three fans in the Land of the Rising Sun.  Kourtney Ray, wife of a U.S. Navyman stationed in Japan, contacted me to paint these guys for her son, Joey.  Now I can start billing myself as an International artist, right?  Obviously.

Darth Tater and his lacky, Spud Trooper.  Adorable.  

Not, however as adorable as the story attached to them.

Kourtney's husband/Joey's Dad (above) was called away to serve in Iraq early last year.  Obviously this upset little 10 year old Joey a great deal.  He was so worried about his Daddy, in fact, that he decided to send his prized possessions, his Mr. Potato Head Star Wars figures over to Iraq with his Dad to keep him safe.  

Nothing is cuter than that.  Oh, except this: 
That's a drawing a very proud Joey did of his Hero.  So cute!  I completely understand where Joey's coming from.   When I was his age my hero, then an active duty Marine, was called away from us to serve in Operation Desert Storm for nearly a year.   It's a really scary time for everyone when you have a loved one fighting overseas.  I have a great deal of respect for the servicemen and women who risk their lives selflessly for our country and their families supporting them from home.  It's an incredible sacrifice to make for strangers and I thank them from the bottom of my heart. 

Happy Veteran's Day!!  I love you Daddy!!