My First Solo Show!!

 If you're sensitive to the overuse of exclamation points, you're going to want to stop reading this cause I'm wicked excited and I just can't hide it! As I previously mentioned my "other" Etsy store, The Compliment Shop, was invited to hang our goods at the Red Table Cafe & Gallery in Old Town Fort Collins last month.

I shipped off the last of 'em about a week ago and I was just sent pictures of them in their new home!!
I'm basically freaking out.

In other news, I've decided I'm counting this as my first solo art show.
Even though there are other artist's wares all over Red Table and even though it's really more of a craft show than an art show and even though there is no free wine or's my party and I'll call it what I want to.

Now go to the Red Table, buy a Compliment & order something that has Corn Relish on it cause it's SOOOOO good!!!!!!!