Craft Related Injury

This is the current state of my South Paw (aka my craftin' hand):
This is the hand that I draw, paint, hot glue, tape, erase, repaint, wash dishes, brush my teeth, text, eat and cut stuff with an exacto knife with.  And now it's broken!

Ok, it's not actually broken; it's "just" tendonitis but it's really really painful and the timing couldn't be worse!  I'm trying to plan a wedding here!  I have things to glue, centerpeices to make, judgements to pass (I don't know why I need my wrist for that but you can't be too careful.), there are envelopes to stuff and bridal boot camps to pretend to go to!

On second thought, maybe this is for the best.  I'll be on the couch watching How It's Made if you need me.  I should be ok in a couple of days.
mandee raefreak outs