Hand Dyed St. Patrick's Day Bunting

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I wasn't able to paint the window in the EU this month because of a flare up of the existing tendonitis in my left paw (I'm not looking for sympathy (j/k I totally am)) and from the comments I'm getting from co-workers, passersby and patients who frequent the Emergency Unit, I'm guessing that is unacceptable.  It's flattering that so many people want to see what I come up with every month to paint.  So sweet.
So, in an effort to appease my coworkers and to get them to leave me alone (Danielle!), I made them a hand dyed St. Patrick's Day bunting and decided to also show you how I made it.  It's SO simple!

Step 1: Gather supplies.  
You'll need:
-a plain white 100% cotton sheet (not stolen from work cause I wouldn't do that.)
-green Rit dye (or blue and yellow dye as the case may be)
-glue gun
-a bucket or a sink

Step 2:
Lay sheet out on a hard surface and make sure your cats approve of your fabric selection.
once approved...

Step 3:
Cut fabric into 6" wide strips, down the length of the sheet.

Step 4: Dye Fabric-
Prepare dye according to package.  I made up a color using Royal Blue and Golden Yellow.  I'd say it was about 1T blue and 1t yellow if I had to guess.  

Submerge fabric in solution until covered, wait about 7-10 minutes.  

For the second color I just used more blue.  Experiment with it until it's a color you like.  Just be sure to mix the color before adding your fabric or it will be speckled with flecks of dye.

Rinse fabric in sink and put it in the dryer.  Mine came out a little tie dyed but it doesn't really matter because it's just for decoration.  It actually adds to the "homemade"-ed-ness of it so just go with it.
Step 5:
Cut fabric into 10" semi circles.  

This measurement is also approximate.  Do whatever feels right to you.

Step 6:
Go take the twine away from your cats. 
Step 7: Cut a length of twine a little longer than the surface you're decorating.  For me it was about 10 feet.

Put a line of hot glue along the inside top of your sheet/fabric, lay twine along glue and fold down the top 1/4" of fabric to secure twine/string in place.
Step 8: Hang the bunting and you're done!  

This would also be a good place to crank up the guilt to elicit more sympathy.  If you're into that sort of thing.

 Happy St. Patrick's Day!!