Amy's Birthday Hats!

I made these wacky little hats for a quicky birthday party 
celebration for one of my best girls the other night. 

Here is a verrrrrrrry dumbed-down version of a tutorial on how to make them.

 1.  Go to your local frozen yogurt and/or ice-cream store and embarrassingly ask them for 5 empty containers and one mini container.

2.  Hastily cover each ice-cream dish in the fabric of your choosing.

I glued mine on using a hot glue gun as I do with almost everything in my life.  It's not completely necessary to make this beautiful, obviously, just get the fabric on there.
 3. Here's where the "very dumbed-down" portion of this tutorial really shines through:

Hot glue some feathers on the top and add some googly eyes.   (See what I mean?)

It's also a good idea to glue a string to either side of the hat (on the inside) to serve as a method to tie the hat to your head.

Which brings us to Step 4!....

4. Tie the hat to your head and you're done!

Now go to the party and wow your friends with your craftiness!
Don't forget the mini hat for your kitten!!  

Have so much fun at your wacky hat party!