Lace Stencil Tutorial

 As promised, here is the lace stencil tutorial from a painting I made last week.  It's a super easy way to make it look like you really put a lot of time into a project without having to, ya know, really put a lot of time into a project.

Step 1:
To begin this project, gather your supplies:

- I used another painting I had started that was turning out rather lackluster and needed some Umf!  You could also use a blank canvas, some old wood, a frame that needs a makeover, your shoes, anything really.
- a piece of lace
-some spray paint
-a well ventilated work area

 The rest of this tutorial is after the jump:

Step 2:
Cover lackluster painting with the piece of lace.

Step 3: 
Fold piece around painting like you're wrapping a present.

Tape ends down...this doesn't have to be pretty but make sure the lace is pulled taut so that it stays put.
Step 4:
Look at what a great job you did covering the canvas in lace.

Consider leaving it just how it is cause it's actually kinda cute but then come to your senses and move on to Step 5.
Step 5:
Lightly spray paint the entire thing a delicious shade of Sun Yellow!

It doesn't really have to be yellow.  Just try to pick a color that will stand out against the lackluster painting you didn't really like in the first place.

Allow the paint to dry for at least 30 minutes.
 Step 6:
Take off the lace and Viola!!  Precious!
Step 7:
Finish up whatever painting it is that you're doing.

For me, it meant painting over some of the most detialed parts of the lace design but I knew it was for a good cause so I did it.

I painted my bubble to say, "Is This Appropriate?" which can be explained in a previous post.

And you're done!!  
Now give the painting to your friend and revel in the Ooo's and 
Ahhh's as they're bound to be so impressed with your craftiness!!