the Dry Erase Farmer's Market in Real Life

July's second drawing on the Exit sign at my real job is of a local Farmer's Market (which you can hardly read because apparently it's time for new dry erase markers, buy anywho) inspired by a friend of mine (I painted the signs for her wedding, remember?) who recently left her own "real" job and is taking the reigns at a seasonal store in Plymouth, MA that is half farmers market/half ice cream shop, with a hot dog stand and an antique section for good measure and soon to be selling local arts and crafts along with ready made food items.  Got all of that?
Aaaaaand, do you know who'll be making all of the shabby chic, old school Plymouth looking lobster signs and giant ears of corn to decorate/advertise this new-to-her shop? 

That's right!  It's me!!  It's all terribly exciting.
I'm hoping to get down there this weekend to get a better idea of what I need to make.  More to come, stay tuned!