Know When to Hold 'Em

I finally gave up on making the thank you cards for my wedding and ordered these adorable cards on Etsy from a shop called Yee Haw!  They have so many cute designs it was really hard to decide what to get.  I settled on the standard 'THANK YOU!' on a post card.  They came with envelopes and a bunch of little extra 'Gracias' & 'Merci' mini cards all printed on an old school letterpress by a human on recycled cardstock.  

So so cute!  Now I just have to send them out.  First things first.

 I also wandered over to Brookline Booksmith in Coolidge Corner and bought this little gem for my super hero loving niece's upcoming birthday.  It's from a UK company called 'Toasted' which is a blog "showcasing contemporary design and illustration" that also produces a line of cards.  The artwork on the card is titled 'Heros and Villains' by Jack Teagle.

Who also happens to be my new favorite artist: