Being a Good Hostess: Hurricane Edition

Where's The Beach driftwood painting
In preparation for our upcoming Category 3 (already downgraded to 2 and on her way to plain ol' "Tropical Storm" status) visitor this weekend I thought I'd gather some tips on how to be a good hurricane hostess.  

When entertaining out-of-town visitors it's always nice to label items and make directional signs to avoid confusion.   Above is a piece of drift wood I painted to show Irene how to get to the beach to help her find her way.  

It's important when hosting natural disasters to have plenty of activities for your guests.  Below is a pail I've set out that Irene can throw through my window and some treasure she might also want to roll around in while she's there.
Wish Upon a Star Fish custom painting beach ocean sand bucketCustom Starfish in Treasure painting for Garvstar
As anyone who's ever been to a gathering knows, refreshments are key!  Here I've made our guest a margarita to enjoy while on her rampage, a girl does get thirsty!  And I've laid out guest towels and an umbrella to hurl across our great state.
Custom Listing Beach Scene with Moose
With any social gathering it is important to keep in mind who you're inviting to ensure an easy going atmosphere and great conversation.  My guest list for this party will include the Crab Brothers, for their shared interested in rolling around in treasure,
Treasure Hungry Crab Painting
and some mermaids from down the shore who are reminding me of another tip: if you are an invited guest it is always a good idea to bring a gift to your host.  Sandra has decided to bring a giant clam, always a hit!, and Kendra brought a Starfish.  What's nice about these gifts is that they're local, unassuming and they fit the theme.  Great job ladies!
Multi Cultural mermaid with teal tail and seashellBlonde Mermaid with Pink Fin and Orange Starfish
Welcome Irene, may your trip be short and sweet and I really hope you don't throw a pail through my window.  Happy Hurricane-ing, stay safe!