It's a Family Affair

In other National Taco Day related news, my Sister and her family had a taco extravaganza yesterday.

Starting with my brother-in-law placing 3rd in the hot sauce competition with his aptly named hot sauce:

And followed closely by Sister *almost* finishing second in the taco eating contest.  She said ghost peppers really are wicked hot.

And then on to the main event!  

For the kid's taco eating contest Matador made special 4" mini tacos!!  Oh man.  Here she is shovin' it in and wearing her special 'I love tacos' shirt we ordered her from Apericots on Etsy.

She loves it!

She didn't technically win but she told Sister she won "cause she finished her whole taco."  So proud of her!

National Taco Day is in 59 days!!