Phantom Pharm Stands

For as long as I can remember I've always loved the adorable signs found at Farm Stands and cute little side-of-the-road shops.  In fact, a lot of times I stop at farm stands just to check out their signs.

Recently I came across this big piece of plywood in the scrap pile at the Home Depot that was practically begging to have an ear of corn painted on it.  I promptly took it home (then left it in my to-do pile for about a month) and was only too happy to oblige.   

So now I have this big 4" tall painting of an ear of corn with some Fresh Prince-esque writing on it and no farm stand to speak of...well, except this one that I painted on a window:

Know anybody with a farm stand who could use some sprucing up?  I'd love to paint them some giant pumpkins for the Fall or some big ol' baskets of apples.  And I'm willing to trade.   

If you know anyone who might be interested have them email me.  Thanks!