Wedding Wednesday: Penny Pendants

Amy & I made these adorable penny pendant necklaces as gifts for my bridesmaids.  I found the tutorial on one of my favorite craft blogs:JustSomethingIMade.  You can find the tutorial with great pictures and super easy to follow directions on her site.  Here's the super dumbed-down version:

Cathe says to use decals for the necklaces but as I have not acheived the level of craftyhood she has, I didn't have vintage decals lying around my house.  I do however have a solid collection of old calendars, scrap paper and wrapping paper.  Amy was nice enough to go through my scrap paper (above) and meticulously cut out tiny flowers and adorable designs (thanks Amy!) to put on the necklaces while I drilled holes in the pennies (below). 

We found that the softer the paper was, the easier it adhered to the penny.  Stiff paper tended to stay stiff and wouldn't lay down properly.  Tissue paper worked the best and had a transparent quality that allowed a lot of the penny to show through which I really liked.  After selecting our design, we laid the paper on the penny, covered them with magic powder stuff (Cathe explains all of this in the tutorial) and popped 'em in the oven.  Note- she used a toaster oven, I don't have one of those so I used my oven on a setting of 325 degrees for about 6 minutes.

And when they came out, they were necklaces!

Ok, maybe not exactly but with a couple of O rings and some adorable charms bought on Etsy (where else?) we were all set.  And my bridesmaids loved them! 
Have a great Wednesday!