Bliss in the Mail

I am in the middle of a never-ending (and very laaaaaazy) quest to find the perfect fabric to cover the throw pillows on my couch.  Earlier this Summer I thought I had it all figured out....and then I got a new rug that threw everything off.  Damn!  This quest recently brought me to my friend Aurora's Denver fabric store/craft shop/knitting studio website, Fabric Bliss, simply to get some ideas from her fabulous fabric selection.  That's when I found out that Fabric Bliss now has an online store!  Shit ya!  

The 2 fabrics I decided on were this delicious grey, yellow & white Ty Pennington design that looks hand screened and is going to make a gorgeous pillow (someday)

and this really awesome Tapestry print in carrot by Tina Givens.

Now, before you point out that these prints totally clash, you should know that they're for pillows on different couches in different houses- a friend of mine is also in the throws of pillow covering angst.  The horror!  One of my favorite things about ordering on Fabric Bliss was that you can order in 1/4 yard increments!!  Which is so rad because if you've ever gone to a fabric store and been told there is a 10 yard minimum on a fabric that you just want a little taste of you know how annoying that is.  I ordered 3/4 of a yard of the Tapestry print just to excercise my rights.  Love it.  The fabric came super fast, USPS Priority Mail with a cute note and a smiley face.

If you're in the market for fabric or yarn you should go check out the site.  You'll be supporting an awesome girl with great taste and getting some fabulous fabric.  Tell her Mandee sent ya!
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