Eliza's Name Plate

Name plate and frame painted for Little Eliza's animal themed nursery.  Eliza's God-Mother ordered this 2-piece set to match the walls of her first God-Daughter's kiwi green and purple room.   
Kickstand frame ($25) painted in a custom shade of purple created just for Eliza with the cutest zebra peeking out from the left hand corner. 

Hand painted wooden name plate sign ($45) also painted in coordinating shades of custom purple and decorated with a happy giraffe and a little girl monkey with a huge grin.  This name plate was made using 2 pieces of wood painted and glued together to give the artwork a little more pizzaz.  Which is what every little girl's room needs, isn't it?

Customizable sets like these make wonderful birthday, baby shower and of course, Christmas gifts and for only $70 (price dependant on size and amount of detail) you really can't go wrong.  Order yours now!!
***Accepting Christmas orders through Dec. 5th this year due to holiday travel mid-month.***