Shut Yer Mouth, Jive Turkey!

Last week I went to two major chain craft stores looking for a turkey cookie cutter for this project.  When I asked if they had turkey cookie cutters both stores answered with: 

"Oh, all that stuff's packed away to make room for Christmas."

Shut your face!  What?  It was November 4th!!  Since when does Christmas start in October, take over all of November and get the full month of December?  Geezum crow!  Some of my most favorite people on the planet were born in November: my Mom, husband, nephew and my stupid brother-in-law who I love even though he always tries to make me think I have a lady mustache.  
Determined now to make turkey cookies and celebrate the crap out of Thanksgiving I tried to think of what else I could use as a turkey form.  That's when I saw this flower cookie cutter.   By cutting of the bottom two leaves it actually makes a pretty adorable turkey.   

I also reluctantly made some flowers and some leaves.

 I used Wilton gel Icing Colors to get the colors super vibrant.  I can't recommend it highly enough even though my tongue is totally red from taste testing a cookie (ok, 3 cookies).

Happy Thanksgiving!!