The USS Harlan Richardson Moore

I just finished this painting for a little boy named Harlan to hang in his nursery.  Harlan has a big brother named Lucian, you may remember his monkey pirate ship painting from last year.  

Here are some more pictures of the painting or go check out the slideshow.

The Cuddle Distrobution gauge is set to Mom.

While the Father Figure dial is clearly reading Dad.
(In real life Harlan's dad has a much larger anchor tattooed on his chest.)  

A tender little crab.

Harlan's name is the ship's namesake.

And his date and time of birth are represented in the gauges below:

This worm obviously hasn't been informed about why he's at the end of a fishing line wrapped around a hook.  Ah, sweet ignorance. 

Contact me if you'd like to order a custom painting or for pricing. 

Thanks for looking!