Why Don't You Make Me: Recycled Jar Snowglobes

Why don't you make me?
Recycled Jar Snowglobes

Recycled jar snowglobes make awesome presents and they're a perfect project for little ones too.  They're also eco-friendly because you're re-using old jars to make them so you can feel good about saving the world while all the while your friends tell you how crafty and talented you are.  Win/win!

Here's how you do it:

Step 1: Collect your supplies-

You'll need:
  • an old jar (any size)
  • distilled water 
  • Glycerin (not the Bush song)
  • modeling clay
  • epoxy
  • any non-metal mini figurines

Step 2: Prepare your lid-
Add a quarter size dollop of epoxy to the inside of the lid to adhere the modeling clay to.

Shape modeling clay on top of the epoxy into a small mound for your figurines to stand on.  The modeling clay also helps seal the threads of the jar to make it watertight. 

Add figurines.  (Yellow deer with red eyes?  Don't mind if I do!)

**Tip:  I added some additional clay to the base of the trees to give them more stability.**

 Step 3: Prepare water-
Fig. 2
Fill jar to just below the threads with distilled water.                                                                        **Tip: It's important to use distilled water, I tried to use some diy distilled water (aka boiling water and letting it cool) and it was cloudy.  See Fig. 1, tap water and Fig. 2, distilled water.**
Add approximately 1 tablespoon of Glycerin to the water.  (Glycerin keeps the glitter suspended in the water longer rather than having it fall straight to the bottom.)

Next, add GLITTER!!

 I used a mix of 3 types of white glitter-

one of which was called "Random Disco" which coincidentally is the name of my new band that I haven't formed yet.

 Step 4: Screw it.
Place assembled lid onto awaiting jar, screw in place.

 Turn it over and make it rain!

Err, snow.  Make it snow. 

 And you're done!  Now all that's left to do is place these bad larries in your best Christmas tablescape and call it a day.  

Merry Christmas you crafty bastard.