Gold Leafing A Vintage Frame

I tried my hand at gold leafing last night for the first time ever and I loved it.  It took this already beautiful- but dull- vintage ornate frame bought at Brimfield this past August and gave it a drag queen makeover. 
It's so shiney!  And now so is my floor and my coffee table and my Mama Cat because she was "helping" me.  Seriously, this stuff gets EVERYWHERE.  It's probably best to do it in a work room (don't have one) or a garage (don't have one of those either) or to go outside (brrrrrrr, no way!)  Livingroom it is!

It's worth it though 'cause look how pretty:

I gave the original mat that came with the frame a mini makeover too. 
It's pretty simple:
  1. Cover entire surface of mat with gluestick
  2. Lay decorative paper face down on flat surface
  3. Lay mat, glue side down, on top of decorative paper
  4. Smooth out any ridges/bubbles
  5. Trim along edges with X-acto knife
  6. Bob's your uncle.

 I can't show you the finished product because it's part of a birthday present.  Pictures to follow.
Have you ever gold leafed?  Got any tips for me?  I'd love to hear them!