Fireplace From a Box: Instructables Box Challenge

My cardboard fireplace for the Weekly Make It Challenge on  This week's challenge was to make something from a leftover Christmas box. 

Here's my entry and how I did it:

Step 1.
Get a box.

Step 2.
Draw an upside-down "U" on the front. 
Cut it out using an X-acto knife or scissors (careful dummy!)

Step 3.
Paint faux bricks on box using non-toxic acrylic craft paint. 
Fill in remainder with grey paint (optional).
Step 4.
Draw the outline of a flame on another piece of cardboard and cut it out. 
Step 5. 
Arrange fireplace and flames and decorate inside with red christmas lights for the fire.

Step 6. Enjoy!

Someday I'll have a real life fireplace until then it's cardboard and christmas lights for me.