The Name Frame Game

It's not really a game, it just rhymed so I went with it.  Sorry I mislead you but as long as I have you here, look!

These frames- for cheerleading sisters Faith & Lylah- have been shipped off and by now should be wrapped and waiting patiently under the tree for Christmas morning. Which is more than I can say for myself because I can't wait for the girls to see them.  Their Nonnie (aka Gramma) assured me that Faith & Layla are going to LOVE their frames and now, though I've never even met them, I am so excited for them to open their gifts!

It's not weird if I invite myself over Christmas morning to watch them unwrap them, is it?  I'll only stay for a little bit.  Just until my french toast is gone.  Maybe they'll do a cheer with my name in it!!  Oh man, this is going to be the best Christmas EVER!!