Why Don't You Make Me?: Santa Hat Strawberry Brownie Bites

For Christmas I made these adorable santa hat brownie bites that I found over on Erica's Sweet Tooth.  They're pretty simple to make, here's how:

Bake your brownies according to directions, let cool.
 Select a round biscuit cutter
  about the size of your strawberries.  
(Or use a mini-cupcake pan)
 Cut out your brownies.
 Rinse strawberries.
 Cut the tops and a teeny tiny bit of the 
bottom off for the chocolate to settle onto.
Melt your white chocolate and 
scoop into pastry bag with tip.

It's not the same as melting milk chocolate, I found out the hard way.  Now, pipe some white chocolate on the tip of the waiting strawberry and onto the bottom between the brownie and the fruit and you'll have little chocolate santa hats!
Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!!