Why Don't You Make Me?: Upcycled Catalog Christmas Trees

Why Don't You Make Me?
Upcycled Catalog Christmas Trees
Lady, my Mom, taught me how to make these paper Christmas trees when I was about 4.  She was Sister's Brownie Troup Leader and always brought me to their meetings.  They're super easy to make, a great project for kids and an easy way to add something homemade to your Christmas decorations.  Not to mention, they're upcycled so you can throw that fact around a bunch and totally impress your friends,  "oh these?  they're upcycled."  People love that sort of thing.

Step 1. 
Pull all the Christmas catalogs that you threw in the recycle bin back out. 

Step 2. 
Pick a winner. 
**Try to pick a catalog with at least 50 pages.**
Step 3. 
Open 'er up.

Step 4.
Fold the front cover toward the spine. 
Fold the remainder of the pages the opposite direction.

Keep creasing the pages until they are all folded.

Step 5.
You're done.  Stand back and be all, "look what I made, that's adorable."
**If your tree won't stand up your catalog might not be thick enough.**

Step 6: OPTIONAL: Create a catalog tree forest.

Happy Crafting!!