Window Painting & the Scientific Method

New Christmas window I painted in Peabody, MA this morning.
Window painting is a cheap & easy way to decorate your house for Christmas without getting tangled up in extension cords or getting pine needles everywhere.  Plus it's scientifically proven to provide you with 85% more "ooooo's" and "aaaaaaah's" than just decorating alone. 

Here, I'll show you-

An average comment before window painting:
"that house looks nice."

and an average comment after window painting:
"oh my sweet baby Jesus look at that house!!  it's incredible!!  it's so festive and beautiful and...oh my stars is that GLITTER on his nose?!?!"
See?  At least 85% more freak out every time!  It's science. 

This window was contracted by Karyn McGovern who is a fellow crafter & Glitter enthusiast.  She made this uh-dorable Grinch bow below and sells them on her website RhinestoneObsessions.  Super the cutest.

Happy Friday!!