Adorable 3D Lollipop Valetine Tutorial

I made an executive decision earlier this week- I am going to hold off doing Valentine's related crafts and having Valentine's related freak-outs over crafts until this Saturday (the official 1-month countdown to V-Day).  That was until Karen & Ella (not their first time here) sent me this adorable DIY Valentine that they made to give to Ella's classmates and I realized that everyone else is already elbow-deep in Conversational Hearts and I'm still putting Christmas away.
So now I've veto'd my own executive decision and decided to grab cupid by the horns and get my Valentine's on.  Starting with this:

Karen & Ella's
Adorable 3D Lollipop Valentine's Card
From Karen:
So here is how you make the super cute DIY Valentine's Cay Cards. First find a super cute kid, most parents think thier kid is the cutest, if so, then go with them. If not, I have one you can borrow. Next, get your camera ready. Have your little cutie stand up against a wall and extend their arm toward the camera while making a fist. Snap away. Try to stay focused on the face. You would rather the hand slightly blurred and not the face. Download your pic to your computer and then upload to Here is where the fun takes place. Add borders, hearts, etc. I kept it simple. I wrote "Happy Valentine's Day" toward the top and "your friend," toward the bottom. I left out my daughters name because I let her add it with a sharpie to make it more personal. Send the pics to your local CVS.  I bought a bag of dum dums. Slice a tiny slit over the fist and insert you pop. Place a piece of tape on the back side. You can add the adhesive card stock to the back to firm up the card but I left it as is to save on the cost.  FYI- I also tried blow pops but they were too big. Also worth noting, when adding text to you pic on picnik-don't add to very top or sides. My sisters first round cut off part of the letters, I made some adjustments and lowered the text and they came out perfect.

Here is where I first saw this fun idea.

So cute!  Thanks for sharing Karen!!