Heart Shaped Love: A Valentine Marshmallow Tutorial

What better way to tell your little ones you love them this Valentine's Day than with these homemade heart-shaped marshmallows?  Making marshmallows from scratch was way less difficult than I thought it was going to be.  They can easily be prepared in under 30 minutes.  

Step 1 To make marshmallows go over to Elizabeth LaBau's wonderful about.com marshmallow photo tutorial and follow the steps on Pages 1-6.  Then, for Step 7 come back and see me.  (Trust me, this is going to be much easier than trying to follow my directions.)

Step 7 Pour half of your marshmallow mixture onto half of your prepared baking sheet (we didn't use tinfoil cause we're rule breakers) and spread using a rubber spatula.

Step 8 Put a few drops of pink food coloring into the remaining half of the mixture and stir until it is a uniform pink.

Step 9 Pour the remaining mixture onto the other half of the sheet and spread out using a spatula.
Step 10 Coat marshmallow mixture with sprinkles!
Step 11 The recipe calls for the marshmallows to "sit out for several hours or overnight to fully set up."  However, because we are horribly impatient and wanted to eat marshmallows NOW we just set ours outside in the snow for about a half an hour and they were fine. 

Step 12 Using heart shaped cookie cutters (metal ones with sharp edges work best) begin cutting out your heart shapes. 
                                                                   hand modeling by Liz.

                                                                 hand modeling by Liv.
Repeat until there are no more hearts to be cut out and you're left with a delicous pile of marshmallow remnants. 

Step 13 Make some hot chocolate, plop in a couple of marshmallows and make somebody's day!