Our Super 8 Wedding

My husband and I just passed the 8-month mark on gettin' hitched.  Ya us!  Now the only thing we talk about is saving for a house and buying a house and what kind of house to buy and what houses go for in this neighborhood and maybe we should build a house...notice a theme?

So it was a much needed breath of fresh air to receive this video of our wedding as a gift from our friend Chad last week.  Chad lives in NYC and currently works as an assistant editor for the TV show "Parking Wars".  (He also works on Dog: Bounty Hunter- a fact a find hilariously awesome.)  He's a husband, a cat lover, an avid D.I.Y.er & an incredibly genuine human being who made this f*#@ing amazing video for us in his "spare" time.  (Oh, and he skates, you can see him shred (and fall down a little) in some of his other videos.)

It was so special to receive this little 2 minute reminder of why we got married in the first place.  It immediately took us back to our wedding day.  So now, when I want to strangle my sweet sweet husband for making me talk about mortgages, I'll just take a break, watch this video and hold off for tomorrow.

Thanks Chad! <3 <3
*Here's the direct link to the video in case that doesn't play: http://vimeo.com/35004644*