Mama I'm comin' home.

Well, it's official, my little outdoor kitty is going to her new home this Saturday!  She's being adopted by a recently retired Grandmother, who used to own a craft store (my kinda lady!) and has been sadly cat-free for the last couple years.  Lil' Miss Grits will get to be an only-cat and there will be no stinky-ol' babies there to torment her.  It's the best possible scenario I could have hoped for and I owe it all to my wonderful friends who cared enough about this sweet little cat to tell their friends to tell their friends to tell their friends and help me spread the word about her.  It's bittersweet and I'll miss Gritsy waiting for me on my stoop when I get home from work every night but she deserves to have a bed and a scratching post and her very own caretaker to ignore to her heart's content.

Thanks to all of you for helping me find Gritsy a home!  You're the greatest!!
mandee rae