POW! ZAP! BOOM! Super Hero Shoes!!

I made these custom kicks for my super hero loving 5-year-old niece, Tabitha, who is in a two man band with her Dad that she aptly named 'Tabitha and the X-Men.'  Wolverine is second only to Daddy in her life, she even calls people (including her Mom) "Bub", just like Wolverine, he's her absolute favorite.  Her other great love in life is Wonder Woman, she is a little girl after all. 

She always looks for shoes with her favorite characters but "those shoes are for BOYS, Aunt Mandee"- that's where I come in.   
Sister bought these white canvas mary janes at Target.  They're perfect, just-girly-enough, simple and easy to draw on.  I decorated them using a combination of paint markers and acrylic paint.  The drawings are comletely water proof- they won't run, drip or fade. 
And now Tabitha has her own custom, Wolverine & Wonder Woman girly super hero shoes.   What more could a girl ask for?

Do you have your own hard to shop for tot that needs some custom kicks?  Email me and let's see what we can come up with.