trash to treasure: twine-wrapped planter

I accidentally broke my favorite purple pot (aka my only purple pot) and just couldn't bear to throw it out.  I considered gluing it back together but some of the pieces shattered so there would be holes all over it and the dirt would fall out.  Then I considered smashing it into little pieces and making some sort of mosaic out of it but then I remembered that I don't like mosaics.  (No offense if that's your thing, it's just not for me.)  I also thought about taking a bite out of it like the girls on that TV show but my heart's just not in it.

The only thing left was to fix it and figure out a way to cover the crack and make it super adorable- and I did just that.

Here's how:

For this project you will need the following items:

  • a broken pot (or lamp or decorative vase or a little trash can, etc)
  • twine
  • glue gun/glue sticks
  • epoxy
Start off by washing your broken pot in hot soapy water.  **Careful to not burn and/or cut yourself!!**  This will remove any oils or dirt from the pot and make the epoxy hold better.

Next, mix your epoxy and add a generous amount to the break in your pot.  You should wear gloves during this and work in a well ventilated area, this stuff is smelly.   Put your pieces back together.

**You can put globs of the epoxy on since the seam doesn't need to be beautiful because we'll be covering the whole thing with twine.   Smear the extra epoxy around with a toothpick after putting the pieces back together to make a water-tight seal.
Now let your epoxy dry.  Mine says it takes 7 minutes to set.  
 Now you're ready to start wrapping your newly fixed pot in twine.  I turned my pot over and started from the bottom.
 Begin by gluing the end of the twine to your pot and start wrapping, gluing the twine to the pot as you go.  
 I put a dot of hot glue about every 3-5" on the entire pot.  This string's not going  anywhere!!
When you're done wrapping, throw a plant in there and you now have a custom, hand-wrapped planter to wow your friends with.  I'd recommend keeping this pot inside as rain or snow will get the string wet and it could possibly get moldy and gross.  And we wouldn't want that.    

Thanks for reading!