Parenting Project #1: Homemade Baby Wipes

In honor of today being the first day of Spring, I thought we could start our Spring Cleaning by focusing the most important object in the house: the baby.

And more specifically- her bottom. 

When my little Sadie Jean was a mere 1 week old she got the most hellacious diaper rash I've ever seen.  (**it should be noted here that I've probably only seen 3-4 diaper rashes in real life but still, it was BAD!)  So- I started asking around to my circle-of-Moms to find out what they use to cure them and more importantly- to prevent them and was handed down this awesome Do-It-Yourself Butt Wipe recipe from my friend Katherine, who's the mother of twin boys, and I'm happy to report that Sadie is now 12 weeks old and has remained diaper rash free!  This is a big deal in my life.  (Thank you Katherine!!)

So, without further ado, I give you the...

  • 1 roll paper towel, cut in half
  • 2C water
  • 1/8C baby oil (that's 2 Tbls)
  • a squirt of baby wash (just a dab'll do ya)
  • 5 drops tea tree oil (a natural antibacterial)
  • a rubbermaid container with a lid

To make these wipes, first cut a roll of papertowels in half.   
(I use Viva because they feel the most like cloth)
Remove the inner cardboard tube and pull out the first square of papertowel.

Now mix your ingredients.  I put mine in a seperate jar and then dump them over the papertowels while already in the Rubbermaid but you can do whatever you want.  It's your party. 

Swirl the ingredients gently to mix but don't shake them up or it will get all foamy and not soak into the papertowels right. 

Put the half roll of papertowels into the Rubbermaid, pour the mixture of the entire roll and let sit for at least 15 minutes to get them completely wet and you're done!  You've made your first batch of butt wipes.  These are not only a nice way to cut down on the amount of chemicals being used to clean little Juniors rear end but they're also economical.  For this roll of 88 wipes the total price was $.98!!  You just can't beat that!!

Hopefully these work for you as well as they've worked for us! 

Diaper rash free in one-three!!