Geometrical Block Printed Planter Makeover

I made this beautiful block printed planter first thing this planting season and then forgot to share it.  This essentially means it never happened at all and all of my priming and painting and sponge cutting was for not.  So I'm posting it now, just in time for the end of planting season.  Luckily, I think it's going to look just as lovely stuffed full of Mums and tall grasses as it looked chock full of petunias.  

And the best part of this project?  It  was completely free!

It was super easy (and free!) and would make a great weekend project.  
It took me about 4 hours start-to-finish including the time it took the paint to dry.  

Here's how I made it...for FREE!  (Did I mention this project didn't cost me anything?)

  1. I took an old banged up pot that wasn't being used and gave it a good scrubbin'.
  2. Then I sprayed the inside of the pot red with some paint I had on-hand; spray the inside first because there may be some over-spray
  3. Then I primed the outside of the pot white and covered the over-spray
  4. After that I gave the whole thing a coat of Cream colored paint and let it dry.
Cost so far: $0.00

While the paint was drying I made the stamp.

  1. To make the stamp you'll need an old sponge, scissors, a Sharpie & a ruler
  2. I used the ruler to measure out a 2" x 2" x 2" triangle
  3. and drew it on the sponge with my marker
  4. Then I cut along the lines and now I have my stamp...and it's still FREEEEE!
Now you should test your stamp to experiment with how much paint to use, 
how hard to press down on it and to decide on the pattern you're going to use. 

I used a piece of blue painter's tape to create a line to follow while I stamped.  
This helped a little bit but it would be ok without it also.  

I continued to stamp all the way around the planter, 
moving my piece of tape to the next row as the paint dried.

Then I removed the tape and I had a perfectly printed, perfectly d.i.y.'d, 
perfectly FREE brand spankin' new planter!  And, I can't remember if
I told you this or not yet but it didn't cost me a thing!!  

Rit Rooooo!!  (that's a whistle noise)

I'd love to see your pictures if you decide to make one of your own. 

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a wonderful weekend!