I joined a sorority!

Ok, maybe I didn't actually join a sorority BUT I did paint some FOUR FOOT TALL lawn letters for one!  The super nice ladies of Ioma Gamma Upsilon at U-Mass Amherst contacted me to customize their new letters and I couldn't wait.  It's probably the most unique (read: weirdest) request I've had to date so I was obviously all about it.
Ioma Gamma Upsilon's colors are ultramarine & green and they wanted an all-over floral print on the letters.  I created a custom light teal color for the background and then did a simple white, blue & green design over the entire surface.   I also sealed the letters with a matte clear coat so that they wouldn't have a glare during photo shoots but would be resistant to beer-bong mishaps.  (Or is that just in fraternities?  ...Either way.)    

Now, before you tell me how great my all-over design is, because I can tell you're dying to...I have a confession...this is actually my best-friend Liz's design.  It's what happens when she's distracted and doodling.  These awesome little flowers and swirls just pour out of her pen...and then I snatch them up and make them life size on huge letters.  That's what friends are for, right??  Thanks Liz!!

Sadie's all ready to pledge.  Get this girl a paddle!