Hay Girl! New Fall Window at River Dog!

Here is the new Fall window over at River Dog in Union Square- a furry little Scotty and his cat.

If this guy were a real dude I would be all over him!  With his adorable emo hair swoop and fat feet...we'd be buddies.  He's seen on the window keeping Dennis the sleeping shop cat company.
Dennis really has it made in the shade at River Dog and he's the reason there's some hay missing under the dog...that's his perch in there and he needs to be able to see out.  It's important work he does over there.

And because it's Halloween and I just couldn't resist...here's a pumpkin with some spiderwebs on the front door.  Spooooooky!
Stop by River Dog on Oct. 20th to enter your dog in their costume contest!!  More details on their facebook page. Good luck!!