Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird...it's a plane...no!...it's SUPER MIA!!!

A couple of weekends ago I did this super hero city on the wall of one of Cambridge's Finest SuperHero-esses: Miss Mia the Magnificent!  Little Miss Mia is quite the superhero aficionado and loves playing dress up in her many costumes BUT until now she had no where to showcase her beautiful outfits.  That has all changed now thanks to this wonderful idea from her awesome Mom.  (Good job Mom!)

Now Mia has her very own city to save from peril including her own spotlight with her name in it and in the lower left building a capital "M" in lights to make it just a little more special.

Thanks for keeping our city safe from bad guys Mia.  The world is a better place with your cute little face in it.