Kids Crafts: My Pet Rock

This is a fun and easy project to entertain kids on a hot Summer's day and, depending on the supplies you have on hand, it could even be free.  

For this project you'll need:
  • some rocks
  • spray primer (optional)
  • acrylic paint
  • googley eyes (never optional)
  • a couple of kid-friendly paintbrushes
  • tacky glue
  • some chil'ren

Start out by collecting some rocks.  

This comes as naturally as breathing to my 5-year-old niece so luckily after a day of adventurin' I already had a pocketful of rocks to start with.  If you can't find any "good" rocks, you can always buy some at a craft store.  

Next, using a spray primer lightly coat both sides of the rocks. 

This helps the paint to adhere to the rock's surface and allows bright colors to show up better on darker colored rocks. 

Once the primer is dry (about a 1/2 hour on each side) put some aprons on some kids (some that you know preferrably), put out some paint and let them get creative.  

Encourage the kids to paint monsters with big mouths, stripes, polka dots, animals they like, flowers...anything that gets their imaginations going.  

If there are globs of paint on a rock, the googley eyes may be able to stick right to it.  If not just glue 'em on.

Acrylic paint is non-toxic and washable before it's dry.    

And now, if your little people really love you, they might just give you one of the rocks they just painted.  I was lucky enough to have this rock gifted to me.  "She's a girl on this side and a boy on the other"....obviously.