Boston Public Garden Swan Boats Window

In the wake of the terrible tragedy that occurred in Boston during this year's marathon, the true beauty of this city and it's people has taken center stage.  People donated money in droves to help those most effected by the bombings, there were fund raisers every day, at my work, Beth Israel, people regularly check in on the care givers who were present that day & you don't go more than a couple feet without seeing someone wearing their Boston Strong shirt.  The people of Boston are determined to not let this event define our city.  And that is a wonderful feeling. 

I wanted to focus on that beauty and highlight one of the true gems of Boston.  The Swan Boats at the Boston Public Gardens have been run by the Paget family here in Boston for over 130 years.   The pedal-powered boats glide through the pond in the Public Gardens throughout the Spring and Summer and are part of the fabric of this city.   

The boats cruise by the Make Way for Ducklings statues at the far end of the lagoon before circling back to go under the foot bridge that was built in 1867 and once held the record for being the shortest suspension bridge in the world.   

And it seems the price for this little trip around the lagoon hasn't changed in over 130 years either.  Tickets are only $3.00 a person, $1.50 for kids and babies under 2 are free.   Pretty awesome.

Boston is always a beautiful city but right now especially, it's a good time to be a Bostonian.