Gritsy needs a forever home

By now anyone who knows me probably knows that I have a cat living on my porch; but, what you don't know is how sweet the cat that lives on my porch is- she's way more cuddly than the little jerks that live inside the house!  I really want to bring her in and spoil her rotten so for the last 3 1/2 months I've tried every day to acclimate my current cats to Gritsy's smell and every single day when I come in smelling like her, my boy cat hisses and attacks my Mama Cat.  I've invested in Feliway, tried holistic cat aromatherapy, let them smell each other between the doors....nothing has worked to make my boy cat not want to rip apart and eat the cat on my porch.  And, because I have a cat living on my porch, I can't even let my cats outside to play in this unseasonably warm weather.

Basically what I'm saying is, though I really don't want to, I need to find Gritsy a home, not on my porch, where she can be safe and happy and loved.  

Please adopt me:
Spayed Female, 3 years old
Grey/Brown Tabby Cat

If you live in/around Boston/Somerville and you're interested 
in adopting Grits, email me and I'll give you more information. 

Thanks for looking!  Please pass this on!! ~mandee rae