QUICK & EASY St. Patrick's Day Centerpiece

Here's a quick & easy idea for a festive St. Patrick's Day or Spring Centerpiece that you can make for under $10!

To make this you'll need:

  • 3- 1/2 pint mason jars (lids not necessary)
  • a small tray (optional)
  • matte white spray paint or white primer
  • a handful of 1" rocks
  • 1 clover plant
  • potting soil

Remove lids from mason jars and put on a paintable surface, mouth-side down. 
 Spray entire outside of jar with paint, it will probably need between 2-3 coats.
 Do the same to the tray, my tray needed 2 coats of paint, it has 1 coat in the picture.  (Tray was $3.99 at craft store)
Add 6-9 rocks per jar, enough to fill about 1/4 of the jar.  This is to create a place for the water to drain from the soil.  Add 2" of potting soil.
Separate clover into 3 sections and add 1 section to each jar, press firmly around base to secure plant into the jar.  Arrange the jars on the tray and you've now made a beautiful, fast & easy St. Patrick's Day centerpiece!  This would also look adorable with herbs, small flowers or succulents.  
 May the road rise to meet you, may you never be burned by your glue gun and until we meet again, may all your crafts be prosperous!