Last Minute NO-SEW D.I.Y. Costume: Mini Hula Girl

Here's a last minute NO-SEW costume idea for you or your little one: 

What you'll need
  • a green plastic tablecloth
  • scissors
  • glue gun/glue sticks
  • string/rope/twine
  • fringe (optional)
  • hawaiian flower for hair clip (optional)
  • shirt or onesie
  • felt for shells
  • blue marker

1. Open your tablecloth and cut it down to fit lengthwise around your waist and so that it's long enough to just graze the knee.  

2. Keep it folded over and begin cutting it into fringe.

3. Once the fringe is cut grab your rope and fringe if you have some laying around.  I had this awesome piece of white fringe/tassles leftover from an old project.

4. Hot glue your twine onto the skirt at the fold and let dry.  Flip skirt over- hot glue the fringe to the front.
Your skirt is done.

Now for the shirt.

I'm using this off-white onesie for my daughter's costume.  It has a design on it but it should be covered by the shells so don't worry about it.  I'm also using left-over felt from her mermaid costume to be green and save a buck.

  1. Lay the felt scraps over the design to figure out where the shells will go.  Draw the shells directly onto the felt.

2. Cut out the shells and define them using any permanent marker.  I like this blue but you can use any color.  

3. Hot glue the shells onto the shirt.

Aaaaaand you're done!

Now slip the costume onto your little model and try desperately to get her to look at you.  
Good luck and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!