Green Eyed Inspiration

Recently my friend Mike (who doesn't get a last name because he's internet shy) came over to my house (wearing his tinfoil hat) and was all drooly and "holy crap I want that!" over my awesome card catalog that I told you about earlier this year.  And I don't blame him, the thing is radical.  

He later told me that he was "so inspired" (read: wicked jealous) that he when he got home he immediatly went on Ebay to find one for himself.  And then, when he couldn't find one (in your face Mike!) he settled on this  beautiful set of vintage Post Office Boxes instead (oh wait, in my face!)  
(like this one is available here)

Then, because he doesn't waste all of his freetime re-pinning and tweeting, he built a case and a stand for it making his officially better than mine.  (I hope you're happy Mike.)
Now he just has to figure out what could possibly be worthy of being stored in these little boxes.  Mail is too obvious and besides, he would never have enough.  I guess he could put his weed in there but that would sure be a lot of reefer. 
Oh, I know!  He can use it to keep his anti-internet, conspiracy theory zines in order (first alphabetically and then numerically) and away from the prying eyes of the gum'ment.  Perfect!

(<3 you Mike!)